Step into a magical world where girls go about their daily lives alongside a giant, gentle canine protector.

A young lady with an oversized dog towering over her in an everyday space might be an impossible sight in the real world, but in the hands of Korean artist Jeong Woo jae, the magical scene comes to life with such beautiful precision you’ll have to look twice to check the images aren’t real.


The remarkable series of oil paintings feature a small breed of dog, the Miniature Pinscher, as a gentle giant, snuggling up to a young girl in an aquarium and looking over her like a guardian protector. With warmth in his eyes, the touching images remind us of the powerful bond that can be forged between human and animal.


Scenes from the artist’s homeland are incorporated into the paintings, especially areas around the capital city of Seoul.


Indoors or outdoors, the gigantic Miniature Pinscher is happy to accompany these girls on all their everyday adventures.


And even when they’re feeling down and in need of their own space, their concerned companion is always there to make sure they feel safe.


The paintings all have a magical, serene quality that’s both calming and uplifting. The play on role-reversal in terms of size between subjects also presents us with the opportunity to think about the way we see our pets and the way in which they view us.


To see more of the artist’s creative work, stop by her blog, where she shares more images that beautifully capture the joys of sharing life with a dog. We’d love to live in a world of gentle canine guardians!


Images: Jeong Woo jae painting