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Warning: our man P.K. Sanjun learning to strut his stuff may be a little NSFW… unless, that is, you work at a strip club.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a member of an elite nightclub dance group? Would you want to get dressed up, throw on a pair of stilettos, and shake your stuff for a room full of intoxicated patrons to watch?

If that sounds like a dream come true to you, then your name may be P.K. Sanjun, our Japanese reports who is no stranger to getting mostly naked for others’ entertainment. When he expressed an interest in dancing with little clothes on, we sent him to learn more at Tokyo’s club MUSE with the ladies of the Maneater dance team.

▼ Maneater, eh? They seem like they wouldn’t bite… too hard.


▼ The team at a recent event as go-go dancers. We’re starting to get an inkling as to why they’re so popular.


Of course, if P.K. was going to see what working as part of a professional half-naked dance troupe was really like, the first thing he’d have to do was wear the right gear to look the part.

▼ The Maneater ladies wasted no time in squeezing P.K. into a risqué bodysuit.


▼ What?! Exposed nipples! We can’t have that.


▼ Much better! Pasties are work-approved attire for Team Maneater.


▼ P.K. looking super confident while getting some pointers
on dance routines from the ladies.


▼ Do you think he’s ready for this?


▼ Apparently he is! I didn’t know you were a baker too, P.K., ‘cuz those buns are lookin’ hot!


▼ P.K. just moments before the girls ditched him and left him with the bar bill.


▼ Unleashing his sexy inner diva. Get it, girl!


▼ I’m not entirely sure you’re doing the sexily-covering-your-face-with-your-arms/hair pose quite right….


▼ “Is your drink strong enough, or would you like something a little bit more… fierce?


▼ P.K. finally able to live out his childhood dream of having his butt on the counter and not getting yelled at.


Un-dress rehearsal.


After a few quick lessons in all of the different dance routines, it was show time. Watch the video below to see what P.K. learned from his experience, and more importantly, what the crowd thought of him.

Hey, not bad for a first try! The audience was definitely feeling P.K.’s smooth moves, and we could practically taste the sensuality of the heart-nipple reveal through our computer screens. Keep it up, P.K.! You have a bright future as a sultry showgirl ahead of you.

▼ P.K. tearfully thanking his dance teacher, Yuri-sensei, who also looks like she was moved by his performance.


▼ Could there be a future for “The Maneaters feat. The Ladykiller?” Only time will tell….

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