The best DIY projects are the ones you can eat.

When our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun woke up the other day, one of the first thought that came into his mind was “Man, I could really go for some tacos.” Seeing no reason to deny his heat/stomach’s desire, he got dressed and dashed out the door to head to Taco Bell.

Now, P.K. could have satisfied his craving by ordering a taco and eating it then and there. But before he did that, he performed some mental calculations to gauge how likely he was to be craving tacos again soon, and the answer he arrived at was “Almost definitely.” So instead he opted to order Taco Bell Japan’s Do It Yourself Tacos Kit.

The DIY Tacos Kit gives you five hard taco shells, five soft tortillas, beef, lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes, sour cream, and taco sauce. According to Taco Bell, it’s enough to make 10 tacos, which should be enough to tide P.K. over for a while.

The kit is only available for takeout customers, and P.K. showed admirabl restraint in resisting the urge to just start making tacos right there on the sidewalk and instead waited until he got home. This also allowed him to spruce up his tacos with some avocado and cilantro he happened to have in his kitchen.

And with that, P.K. started making tacos. As he bit into the first, he flavor receptors came alive with joy, and it wasn’t long until his daughter, Rei-chan, wanted to get in on the fun, fixing up a taco for herself and joining Daddy for lunch.

Now, as we all know, buying tacos/taco ingredients is pretty much always a wise use of money, but P.K. couldn’t help noticing something. The DIY Tacos Kit is priced at 2,990 yen (US$26.25), but Taco Bell Japan also has a Taco Party Pack, with 10 tacos, that’s actually a little cheaper, at 2,550 yen.

However, after taking a closer look at what comes in the Party Pack, P.K. learned that you don’t get any tomato or sour cream, so its tacos are plainer than the DIY ones. What’s more, even though Taco Bell says the DIY kit has ingredients for 10 tacos, even after using up all of his shells and soft tortillas P.K. still had beef and other fixings left over, and estimates he could have made 20 tacos with the amount of stuff in the kit.

And hey, since he’s got some surprisingly tasty California rice in his kitchen too, maybe he’ll use the leftover DIY Kit ingredients to make some Japanese-style taco rice.

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