Times are tight here at RocketNews24, so our 10,000 yen (US$85) fashion challenge has been downsized to one yen ($0.0085).

With RocketNews24’s third quarter growth being more sluggish than expected, our editor approached Seiji Nakazawa with a new proposition. Essentially, he was to continue his popular 10,000 yen fashion coordination challenge, only from now, it would be with a budget of one yen.

After being told to have relations with himself and “find some other chump stupid enough to take this assignment,” the editor promptly called upon another writer, P.K. Sanjun.

Eager to take such a daring job, P.K. brainstormed possible places to buy a one yen outfit. Such a coin doesn’t get you very far these days, but a wise man once said that a man with enough heart and ambition can make miracles even from one yen.

Then inspiration hit, and P.K. headed over to the one place where one yen still meant something: the post office!

P.K. entered the office and asked the clerk, “Can you coordinate an outfit for me with only one yen?” The clerk gave P.K. a blank look tinged with the disappointment of having ever met him.

With negotiations at a standstill and the clerk’s finger hovering dangerously close to the alarm button, P.K. decided to go to another post office. This time he simply told the clerk, “I’d like a one yen stamp please.”

P.K. then returned to the RocketNews office and contemplated how best to sport his new outfit. He looked at the image on it proudly displaying Hisoka Maejima, the founder of Japan’s modern postal system. He wondered what Maejima might do in this situation…

A stamp doesn’t take up much real estate on the human body, but with this one’s classy design it has a powerful capacity to draw people’s line of sight. Thus, even though he was practically naked, you would hardly notice since your attention will be locked on the stamp!

The small size also meant it could be placed anywhere on the body! Like the forehead…

0r butt…

or bellybutton…


So with this ensemble anyone can accentuate their better looking body parts while also diverting attention away from their less fortunate ones.

Yes, the outfit was a success! So successful in fact that P.K. decided to splurge on two one-yen stamps. He stopped there though. Any more would have been too flashy.

And so with the case closed on yet another fashion mission, P.K. took one last look at Mr. Maejima and solemnly whispered, “We did it.”

Original article by P.K. Sanjun
Photos: RocketNews24
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