If this video is anything to go by, the cosplay featured at last weekend’s Katsucon 2016 sure didn’t disappoint.

In fact, the cosplay at Katsucon was so smokin’ that it literally set the convention building on fire, but luckily no costumes were harmed and YouTube Channel Beat Down Boogie was there to capture all the crazy action.

It’s a cosplay compilation definitely worth watching, full of amazing re-creations of characters like these and much more:

▼ Female Khal Drogo

▼ These talented costumers put together a Valkyrie battle armor take on the Eevee evolution Dungeon & Dragon designs by Sunset Dragon we featured last month.

▼ What a cute Turbo Kid couple!

▼ Ain’t no party like a Pokémon party! Even Magikarp’s got a few moves up its sleeve.

▼ Check out all the detail that went into this Nick Valentine cosplay.

▼ An adorable Shredder dad and his Michelangelo baby

▼ Harle from Chrono Crosskatsukon2016p9

▼ Yang Xiao Long from RWBY giving the camera a little twerk

▼ Kindred from League of Legends

From what we can tell, it looks like this year’s Katsucon had a great balance of anime, game, comic, and original creations uniting fans from all over the fandom spectrum.  Just looking at all the amazing cosplay on display, we can’t help but think Katsucon is going to be a tough act to beat.

And if you enjoyed the Beat Down Boogie’s Katsucon compilation video, be sure to take a look at some of his other awesome productions, like this Western take on Legend of Zelda and Mario Warfare.

Source: YouTube/beatdownboogie
Feature/insert images: YouTube/beatdownboogie, Facebook/Beat Down Boogie