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The darkness of this dog’s past makes his kindness all the more special.

Dog lovers know it’s quite unusual for a dog to pass up the opportunity to eat, and even more rare that they would actually offer something edible that they could have for themselves to someone else. But that’s what makes this video of Daizu the Chihuahua and his human baby “brother” all the more precious.

Daizu (which means “soybean” in Japanese) runs over to the wailing child and drops a dog biscuit next to him, before lying down next to the baby, a worried look on his face. While the mother thanks Daizu for his kindness and gives him back the biscuit, he not once, but twice, refuses to eat it, offering it again and again to the crying babe in an attempt to console him.

To add to the story, mother and recorder of the video metabodaizu writes that Daizu was a throw-away from a breeder, and was underweight and covered in ticks when she first took him in. After the horrible experience he had in his first year or so of life, Daizu must have hated seeing others unhappy, especially members of the family that took him in and turned his life around. Just tugs at your heartstrings doesn’t it (by the way, metabodaizu assures viewers that baby was crying because he was sleepy, and was immediately picked up and rocked to sleep after the camera stopped rolling)?

As we all know, dogs unfortunately don’t live as long as their owners wish them to, and metabodaizu has had to share the gut-wrenching news that Daizu passed away in October 2015 at the age of eight, after fighting a respiratory disease. At least the baby seen with Daizu in the video, now four years old, has this and other sweet memories to look back on and remember his little furry friend by.

Alright, now where did my tissues go?

Source: YouTube/metabodaizu via Curazy
Top image: YouTube/metabodaizu