Little kids have an edge when it comes to real-life Neko-Atsume, or cat-collecting!

Japanese Twitter user Yashu lives in a house with three small children (a seven year old daughter and sons aged one and three) and four very big cats. The cats’ names are Tuna (eight-year-old Somali, female), Fia (one-year-old Ragdoll, male), Toyo (one-year-old Maine Coon, male), and Rai (one-year-old Maine Coon, male). Yashu tweets regular updates from their fun-and-fur-filled home on their Twitter, @FakeYashu, but today we’re showcasing some of the latest cute snaps and marveling at how the floofy felines seem to gravitate towards wherever the children are, no matter what they’re doing! It’s like a real-life version of the popular smartphone game Neko Atsume!

Here’s Toyo, the white Maine Coon boy, patiently serving as a handy table for baby’s block play time. Maine Coons are known for their big size, large paws and heads, and fluffy lion-like coat. Even though cats’ stomachs are sensitive, they will offer up their bellies to those select humans they trust. It looks like Toyo has complete faith in the baby to play nicely with those blocks – Toyo even seems happy to hold the blocks on his tummy while taking a cat nap!

Here’s Toyo and Rai sniffing around baby sleeping in a bouncer. It seems that even cats are weak to the yummy smell of new babies, or perhaps that lacey baby dress looks like a comfy place to curl up and have a nap? Just be careful not to squish the baby, guys.

Cribs are also an excellent place to sneak a cat-nap. Soft, elevated, and contained… they basically tick all the boxes for cat-isfaction. How luxuriously floofy does all of that cat fur look?

Baby futons are also the purrfect place to stretch out and catch some Zs, especially if there’s also a toasty warm baby to make sure the futon stays at the optimum temperature for kitty’s comfort.

And here’s a selection of Yashu’s recent adorable kids ‘n’ kitties Twitpics for your viewing pleasure!

As adorable as the above pics are, it’s important to supervise small children and animals, no matter how great they may get along. Also living with four cats and having recently had my own baby, I can attest to the fact that cats definitely do seem to have a mad kind of love for babies and baby paraphernalia of all kinds, including but not limited to cribs, car seats, strollers, bouncers, baby swings, blankets, and milky-scented baby clothes.

In fact, keeping the furballs off of baby’s things can be a full-time chore in itself, although a magic tip is to place sheets of aluminium foil over anything you want to keep kitty away from – the shininess of the foil and crinkly sounds will work as a humane and eco-friendly cat repellent. Handy when you’ve got a cat that doesn’t understand the word no… unlike these communicative kitties!

Images: Twitter/@FakeYashu
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