Here comes a new challenger…

We all know that those claw crane games, or UFO catchers as they’re known in Japan, are a big scam, but that doesn’t stop us wanting to play on them. The lure of all that wonderful, tacky junk placed so tantalising close to the drop chute is just too much for us to bear, so we shovel our 100-yen coins into the machines with glee, only to walk away empty-handed almost every time.

But at least this claw game had the good grace to provide its players with a chuckle as it massively trolled them out of their prize…

You can’t put a price on comedy, right?

▼ “Why are you laughing?? Help meeee…”

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.55.47

Keep on trollin’, UFO catchers. Keep on trollin’.

Source/screenshots: Twitter/@Aru0000 h/t Otakomu