Student trolls classmates, teachers for entire year with fake Japanese accent 【Video】

See this half-Japanese student reveal his prank in this surprising finale to a video series in which he documents an elaborate social experiment.

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Trolling UFO catcher denies player prize but gives us a good laugh instead【Video】

Here comes a new challenger…

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Worst birthday present ever? Japanese brother’s gift puzzle leads to a “fabulous” prize

It’s gotta be worth it, right?

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Crow trolls friend by giving them a bad hairdo, has Japanese netizens squawking with laughter

Proof that humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy pranking their friends.

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Need a gift to ensure your friends never forget you? How about a ridiculously huge teddy bear!

Ready to troll your friends by sending them a traditional incredibly inconvenient Japanese gift? Then read on!

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Troll levels still abound in Mario Maker, Nintendo releases another sassy pigeon comic to help

In an effort to help alleviate the massive amount of horrible levels that have made it into the Super Mario Maker universe, Nintendo tasked its pigeon friend/Mario Maker extraordinaire Yamamura-san to show us how to correctly create a level. In the first comic, Yamamura-san literally poo-pooed all over novice-creator Mashiko’s level, and then gave her some homework to help her become a better builder.

But the first comic did little to alleviate the amount of terrible levels online, so Nintendo Japan has put out a sequel comic to try and clean up the mess. This time around, Yamamura-san checks on Mashiko’s homework and continues to offer sage level-building advice.

Does he give her level a star? Or is it an insta-skip? Read on to find out!

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Official Nintendo comic has sassy pigeon explain how to not be a horrible troll in Mario Maker

So we all know that Super Mario Maker for the Wii U is awesome. With everything from music levels to ridiculously hard challenges to millions and millions of other courses in between, you can never run out of things to do.

However with so many levels out there, plenty of them are far from perfect, and some of them outright troll the player. So in an effort to try to educate the gaming populace in the art of not making horrible levels, Nintendo Japan has released some helpful comics to help us all become better builders.

Ready to be educated in the way of making Mario by a pigeon? Then read on!

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“Sleeping angel” in a high school uniform trolls Japanese train passengers and Internet users

There she is, that heavenly high school beauty dozing across from you on the train, complete with a handwritten message on the window not to disturb her peaceful slumber. You stare lovingly at her angelic sleeping face…only to realize that yep, you’ve been tricked, big time.  

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Eight ways to troll your fellow passengers while flying economy class: An illustrated guide

Flying to japan takes a long time. Depending on where you’re flying from and how many layovers you have, it can take 10 hours, 20 hours, or even more. And if you’re not rich, then chances are you’re stuck in economy class, cramped, uncomfortable, and forced to listen to at least three nonstop crying babies going off like sirens.

But no more! We here at RocketNews24 have assembled a list of eight ways to make your next economy flight much more enjoyable. Nothing gets the good vibes flowing like a good trolling, so get out from under your bridges and grab your clubs: it’s time to mildly annoy your fellow passengers.

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We troll a scammer online, make him wish he’d never tried to take our money

When the son of the deposed king of Nigeria emails you directly, asking for help, you help, right? Well if you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, you know emails from a far away member of any royal family will obviously lead to some kind of scam. Unfortunately, those types of emails seem to pop up in our inboxes every other month. Don’t you just wish there was a way to get back at these people for trying to leech off of us honest, hard working folks?

Well, we’re happy to report that our Japanese reporter, GO, found a way to get sweet, sweet revenge on one scammer he encountered online, trolling so hard that the scammer gave up in a fit of rage. This is his story.

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Scammer aborts mission as trolling Line user offers to send cash intended for mother’s operation

Last month, we brought you news of a scam wherein users of Line, a free messaging application popular in Japan and South Korea, were being tricked into buying prepaid cards on behalf of friends whose accounts had been hacked. Thankfully, Japan’s Line users were just as wily, and set to trolling the hackers in return, sending goading messages, irritating emoticons and even nude pictures, but the scamming still continues, with the app’s makers struggling to stamp it out.

But as these hackers descend to new levels of douchery, legitimate Line users are levelling up their troll powers, like this Twitter user who managed to get the scammers to abort by feeding them a tale of woe.

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Four-year-old goes to town on Daddy’s passport while abroad (or does he?)

When traveling abroad, no matter where you’re going it’s a good idea to take a few extra precautions. You never know when your destination will present the danger of finding yourself in the middle of a gang fight, falling out of the restaurant or, well, being in North Korea.

There’s one more source of danger you may not have considered: your beloved toddler. A 42-year-old resident of Shenyang, China was enjoying a visit to South Korea recently when his four-year-old son struck, making further travel all the more difficult.

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Chinese Photoshop trolls part 5: Testing the limits of the PS masters!【Photos】

We’ve seen the Chinese Photoshop masters work their magic in Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, which leaves us to wonder, exactly how creative can they get? Also, were those requests really sent in by the people in the photographs? Apparently we’re not the only ones pondering those questions. One brave hero sacrificed himself as a lab rat to test the limits of these photo editing experts. This time, only one photo was sent, and with a very simple request. Guess what?

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Japanese blog trolls its readers with “advice” for meeting Disney characters, hilarious results

In a very misleading blog post titled “How to easily meet with a lot of characters at Disneyland,” our good friends over at Omocoro decided to troll their readers by taking pictures with random fixtures around the park and pretending that they met with Disney stars. The results are quite adorable, thanks to the addition of googly eyes, though many of the readers less acquainted with the site’s usual antics were woefully disappointed by the comedic content, having hoped for something of actual use.

For those who aren’t aware, Omocoro prides itself on being completely counterproductive. They are the ones who brought us such wonderful pranks as the build-it-yourself Lego bed and the life-size zebra apartment installation, as well as the ever-popular gem, a failed attempt at using Photoshop to turn their ugliest male writer into a sexy-looking lady. Usually, Omocoro saves their meanest tricks for their own staff members, but it seems someone really wanted to take a trip to Tokyo Disneyland on the company credit card this summer….

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Korean Photoshop trolls Part II: Be careful what you ask for

Those pesky Korean Photoshop trolls are at it again and no photo is safe from their meddling antics. It all started in China, where simple requests to fix a seemingly innocent photo resulted in man bras, boobie shots, and a literal interpretation of “hot sh*t.” The Photoshop wizards of Korea answered back with Baby Iron Man, terrifying sea monsters, and a heavenly auntie.

China or Korea? Which country’s Photoshop trolls did a better job? We suppose it doesn’t really matter who is the victor in this situation. The real winners are those of us who get to have a few laughs…at the expense of requesters who should have chosen their words a little more carefully.

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Here comes a new challenger! Enter the Korean Photoshop trolls

Market analysts have been reeling after the announcement of South Korean upstarts in the lucrative field of Photoshop trolling. For those unfamiliar, this is when people submit their photos for processing to remove unwanted people or change backgrounds. However, inevitably the Photoshop specialist “misunderstands” the request and a good time is had by all… except for the person submitting the photo I guess.

For example, a woman asking to look like a superhero should have been more specific when the Photoshop artist choose the Invisible Woman and wiped her from the image completely. Previously China had a firm hold on Photoshop trolling in Asia but now it appears South Korea is stepping up to the plate. Let’s see what they’ve got!

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This Japanese LGBT Poster Might Be Slightly Biased

The poster you see above was recently shared on Japanese internet message board 2channel and appears to be aimed at raising awareness of sexual minorities among in Japan, with the slogan “love takes many forms” written at the top right corner.

Those of you with a keen eye for detail may have noticed that while the straight and lesbian couples are portrayed as vibrant anime characters with no particularly distinctive features, the gay couple is depicted as a burly mass of stereotype.

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