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Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the manga, this themed café is sure to solve any case of the blues.

Just before the release of Detective Conan: The Pure Black Nightmare, the Detective CONAN theme café is back to serve all the adoring fans. Opening up in six locations across Japan, this café was a huge hit last year, dishing up tasty Detective Conan themed food and drinks to over 150,000 people.

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This year, the café returns like a pure white dream with a menu that is full of Gosho Aoyama’s personal recommendations. The Detective Conan author has selected special dishes that will be very familiar to readers of the manga, like a scallop vongole pasta from Beika Aquarium, Special Unaju and Enma Daio Ramen—all of which have all graced the pages of the Detective Conan manga at some point.

Conan enthusiasts will also find the homemade egg congee that Ran made for Haibara, Hiroshi Agasa’s yakisoba buns along with desserts such as Haibara’s handmade cheesecake, tropical strawberry parfait and gorgeous strawberry chiffon cake, all of which appeared on the Which Sweets Show in the story. You will also be able to enjoy éclairs decorated to look like the APTX4869 drug that Shinichi is forced to ingest turning him into Conan. You might feel like a six-year-old with all the chocolate you’re eating, but rest assured, your body won’t be going through any magical transformations (although you might, if you eat A LOT of the éclairs).

Returning from last year’s menu are fan-favorites like Café Poirot’s spaghetti neapolitan, Café Columbo’s special meat sauce pasta, Danny’s special chicken curry and Haibara and Ayumi’s black curry with voluminous retro omelet with rice and Shinichi’s favorite handmade lemon pie. Just thinking about all the food from the manga makes us hungry for a case to solve!

▼ Meat sauce pasta

▼ Omelet rice with chicken curry and black curry

▼ Spaghetti neapolitan

▼ Lemon pie

While you eat, you can think about all of the limited-edition Detective Conan merchandise you want to buy.

▼ A cushion which lets you choose which side of the Kaito Kid versus Conan battle you support.

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▼ A large pill-shaped pillow filled with the dangerous drug…or foam beads.

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▼ iPhone cases to suit your Conan moods, including a dastardly villain silhouette that is often used in the manga

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Also available will be plenty of goods inspired by London and Sherlock Holmes, which are integral parts of the Detective Conan lore. Fans can visit the café starting on April 1 in Nagoya, with locations in Hiroshima (April 2), Osaka (April 15) and Yamagata (April 15) soon to follow. Tokyo and Fukuoka will also get their own Conan cafés, however details about these locations are still pending.

Celebrate 20 years and 20 movies of Detective Conan by eating at a Detective CONAN Café near you! Be sure to visit their English website for exact information regarding the locations and keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming information on the café’s Twitter page. You won’t need any special clues to tell you that you are going to have a Conan-tastic time; the beating of the tell-tale heart guarantees that it’s going to be great—case closed!

Source: Conan Cafe via Nijimen
Images: Conan Cafe