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Because it’s not just Japanese people who like to get cozy in a one-person pod.

Those who’ve traveled and lived in Japan before know that one remarkable place to stay is the infamous capsule hotel. Instead of hallways leading to individual rooms, visitors will find pods stacked from the floor to the ceiling, each designed for a single occupant only. Some might scoff at the idea of sliding into such a tiny space to rest your weary body after a day of work or sightseeing, but capsule hotels are, surprisingly, growing in popularity—no doubt in part due to some hi-tech additions that make a stay in a capsule more like a comfy sleepover than a night in a drawer.

Hotels all over the world are taking a cue from Japan’s invention and creating trendy capsule hotels that will satisfy even the pickiest travelers. Check out some of neat capsule hotels below!

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first 3First Cabin

Taking cues from the design of first-class airplanes, this is certainly a high quality capsule hotel that you can relax in. There are two different styles of capsules, with a “Business Class Cabin” that features the traditional bed and minor amenities, or the “First Class Cabin” which provides enough room for a slightly bigger bed and even a small table and space to stand.

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anshin 3Anshin Oyado

With three hotels in Tokyo (located in Shinjuku, Akihabara and Shinbashi), the Anshin Oyado elegantly combines the amenities of a big hotel room in fun capsule form. What makes this hotel stand out from the others is guest access to their artificial hot spring and mist sauna.

  • CityHub [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]

Journeying outside of Japan brings us to CityHub, where the rooms are called “hubs” because that definitely sounds like a comfier place to sleep than a capsule. One of the benefits of this hotel is their fancy bracelet which works as a hotel keycard and access to a Wi-Fi network that gives you Internet throughout not just the hotel but the entire city. Their hubs look pretty cozy too.

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pod 2

pod 3The POD

This lovely hostel in bustling Singapore builds on its Japanese origins by providing extra comfort in your personal abode. There are front entry and side entry pods as well as queen pods that comfortably fit two people. Amenities include free wash and dry services, free dry-cleaning, and a free breakfast that looks genuinely delicious.

wink 1

wink 2Wink Hostel

Another option in Singapore serving up the capsule lifestyle is the Wink Hostel. It too sports the regular single-person capsule as well as the roomier two-person ones. It’s a little simpler than The POD, but they claim that their spacious headroom and cushy back-rest will tempt you to lie in the pod all day—something which the hostel is totally OK with.

time 1

time 2

time 3Time Capsule

Never fear, all your charging needs are here at this technologically advanced capsule hotel. Look forward to playing on your personal smart TV and enjoying some free time in either their Little Nap Café or Vape Bar, where you can get totally vape-faced.

sphere 1

sphere 2

sphere 3Free Spirit Spheres

Or, finally, you could skip the capsule entirely and book a tree-house sphere. Not only will you get your own individual pod, but also have the chance to stay in the wilds of nature. There are only three spheres, each one a little bit different, and all are available for bookings year-round. Cooking and bathroom facilities can be found a short distance from your sphere.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at some of the interesting capsule hotel options around the world. With their growing popularity, we wouldn’t be surprised if a hotel opens up soon with a different theme for every single pod. When it does, RocketNews24 will be right there to bring you all the nitty-gritty details.

H/T: Tech Insider
Top Image: Free Spirit Spheres, Time Capsule, First Cabin (edited by RocketNews24)