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Manga Art Hotel Tokyo welcomes foreign guests with over 5,000 manga, including English editions

Hotel admits up front that you probably won’t get much sleep, but will thoroughly enjoy your stay anyway.

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Japan goes from capsule hotels to capsule offices with free Wi-Fi, device charging in Tokyo

Three of Tokyo’s most useful stations offer individual-size offices free of charge.

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Tokyo accommodation: Capsule hotel offers unique sleep and sauna stay for women

Do-C provides Löyly and a warm pillar for an authentic Finnish sauna experience you won’t find anywhere else in Japan.

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Tokyo’s famous capsule apartments now take month-long reservations from foreign travelers

Architectural landmark is in a fantastic location from which to immerse yourself in the Tokyo lifestyle while seeing the city’s sights.

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Awesome Russian sci-fi-themed capsule hotel has rooms that look like space bunkers

These futuristic rooms are a great place to stay if you find yourself in Vladivostok!

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Tokyo Dome-area capsule hotel accepts female guest, offers free noodles, and has a gorgeous bath

The often-overlooked Suidobashi neighborhood makes a great base for exploring Tokyo, and this high-class capsule hotel makes it even better.

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Capsule hotel in Osaka offers VR, 100,000 volumes of manga, saunas, possibly a capsule

You may not even want to bother getting a capsule when visiting Grand Sauna Shinsaibashi.

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Perfect-location Osaka hotel’s rates start at just 15 bucks, give you no reason not to visit

Unbeatable price still puts you in the heart of the city’s entertainment district.

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Tokyo capsule hotel’s low month-long rates are an awesome way to sample life in Japan’s capital

Put the money you would have spent on sleeping in a fancier room towards a longer stay in Japan at this Shinjuku hotel.

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Akihabara’s new capsule hotel has a bar with craft beer and sake, hot spring-style mineral bath

Capsules are only the beginning of what this new Tokyo capsule hotel has to offer.

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We spend a night at Shibuya’s new Nadeshiko Hotel—a capsule hotel for women only

We recently visited the new Nadeshiko Hotel and were truly impressed. Find out what this women-only capsule hotel has to offer!

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Seven capsule hotels in Japan and around the world【Photos】

Because it’s not just Japanese people who like to get cozy in a one-person pod.

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Four things women are banned from doing in Japan【Women in Japan Series】

Women have been prohibited from doing certain things (entering places, using facilities, etc.) for as long as civilization has existed. Restrictions are still common, albeit usually in religious contexts only. While religions themselves evolve and change with the times and bans are lifted, it doesn’t mean all of them get an update.

As women, we all know the purported reasons behind these bans: women are “impure” because we menstruate (the same impure biological process that allows us to give life to men), we are the physically weaker sex, and we distract men with our beauty. Yada, yada, yada.

Today, in our Women in Japan Series, we take a look at four things women are still not allowed to do in Japan. I’ve divided them into bans and semi-bans. Bans allow no women; semi-bans allow women–but only sometimes.

Of course, it’s high time these restrictions were lifted. While much headway has been made in the past, such as the lifting of the rule preventing women from climbing Mount Fuji, other bans are proving more stubborn despite protests by Japanese women’s groups. Will these restrictions be lifted anytime soon? Only the Japanese people can decide.

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Japan’s coolest capsule hotel to close: Last chance to experience sleeping in the future!

Capsule hotels, the uniquely Japanese accommodation solution no doubt on every Japanophile’s to-do list, have never really caught on outside of their homeland. Whether it’s down to individuals’ ideas of what constitutes comfort and privacy, or simply the fact that so many Westerners freak out at the very thought of climbing into a space resembling something between a spaceship escape pod and a coffin, most capsule startups outside of Japan have failed. While these unique hotels continue to serve those who are on a budget or simply too intoxicated to make it home safely, and show no signs of disappearing from Japan’s cityscapes any time soon, it is with deep regret that we bring you news today that Kyoto’s Nine Hours, arguably the coolest and most modern capsule hotel in the country, is to close.

Tourists, late-night drinkers and those who have always fantasised about waking up in an Aperture Science test chamber have only until October 31 to check out the hotel and experience space-age comfort, so we’re here to show you exactly why you should head over to Nine Hours’ website right now and make a reservation.

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