According to Suntory Japan, different times of the day call for different types of beer.

While there’s nothing like an icy cold beer to help you unwind during summer, as the weather cools, alcohol manufacturers look for other ways to keep people interested in their brews. Suntory Japan is looking to hold everyone’s interest with two brand new limited edition releases for autumn and winter, with packaging designed to make an impact on store shelves, with the intriguing “Hop Time 6:00 p.m.” and the “Hop Time 9:00 p.m.”


According to the company, the 6:00 p.m. variety is designed for drinking as the sun goes down, with the can’s light orange-hued packaging designed to represent a glorious sunset. Created with Hallertau Blanc hops and a late hopping process, the beer is said to have a fruity, aromatic flavour not unlike white wine, perfect for setting the scene for an “elegant evening”.

The 9:00 p.m. variety is packaged in a can that reflects its recommended hour for drinking, with a sparkling, clear starry night sky. This one uses Citra hops and a late hopping process to infuse smooth floral and citrus flavours into the brew. The aroma, supposedly reminiscent of citrus, is designed to bring the exhilarating experience of winter star-gazing to your tastebuds.


Available at stores around the country from 27 September, both beverages won’t be around for long so be sure to get in quick for a taste of beer o’clock before they’re gone forever!

Source, Images: Suntory Japan