Ever wanted to enjoy the taste of premium Japanese rice wine without the alcohol? Now you can! 

Japan has been making big strides in the non-alcoholic beer world for a number of years now, with its latest triumph being the All-Free All-Time clear beers, sold in plastic bottles for day-drinking at work.

But what about those of us who prefer the taste of something other than beer during the workday?

Finally, there’s an enticing alternative, with the announcement that well-known Kyoto-based sake maker Gekkeikan is bringing out alcohol-free premium Japanese sake!

For years, the only type of non-alcoholic “sake” on the market has been amazake, a thick, syrupy, sweet concoction made by mashing rice with koji mold. However, non-alcoholic sake that tastes like real sake is much rarer, and Gekkeikan is going all out for their new release with a version that’s said to taste like premium daiginjo.

Daiginjo is a high-end grade of sake that requires at least 50 percent of the outer rice layers to be polished away. This high-polish requirement results in a more refined product, making it the most prized variety at sake breweries throughout the country.

Gekkeikan’s new “Special Free” beverage is said to capture the same fruity taste and aroma of a premium daiginjo, only with zero alcohol and zero sugar. The drink promises a rich, full-bodied flavour, thanks to a special blend of amino acids.

▼ Plus, the new drink comes in a bottle that makes it look more like a Japanese cider than an alcoholic beverage.

Gekkeikan recommends drinking their “Special Free” in the same way you would drink a regular daiginjo, chilled and alongside dishes that pair well with rice wine.

Each 245-millilitre (8-ounce) bottle is set to retail at an open price point at stores around the country from 26 August.

Source, images: PR Times via Japaaan
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