There’s been a lot of research into the mystery of umami, the mild, pleasing savoury flavour that’s said to exist at the heart of Japanese cuisine. Often referred to as “the fifth taste”, alongside sweet, sour, salty and bitter, umami was first discovered by a Japanese professor and only officially recognised as a proper scientific term in 1985. Now, almost thirty years later, the delicate flavour is finally set to meet its perfect partner in a beer called Wazen (lit. Japanese meal). Due for release on April 8, the beer is being billed as “the beer for Japanese food”.


Developed for customers who like to enjoy a beer with dinner in the comfort of their homes, the drink is specifically designed to be enjoyed with washoku, traditional Japanese food. It uses a special blend of five carefully selected malt varieties, including roasted malts and diamond malts, giving it a delicate umami flavour which is said to enhance the flavour of Japanese cuisine and make it more delicious.


The beer has an alcohol content of 3.5% and is brewed in 100% spring water. Until mid-March, visitors to the Suntory brand site who fill out an online survey have the chance to win one of 11,000 free six-packs.


It’s still a few months before we’ll truly know if the beer really does “add delight to your dining experience” but we’re intrigued to find out. We’ll definitely be sitting down for a home-cooked Japanese meal and pouring one of these into a nice chilled glass on April 8!

Source: IT MediaSuntory