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Her most recent depictions show the AI’s heartbroken face when “she” lost to Lee Se-dol.

One day, we humans will be forced to bow before our robot overlords and accept our fate as their slaves. But until then we watch on with great interest when an artificial intelligence (AI) proves that it’s not only learning, but improving with each iteration.

AlphaGo, the AI from Google DeepMind has been challenging professional Go players (a strategy board game where opponents try to capture more territory than their opponent) since 2014 with a modicum of success. Just this week however, AlphaGo made world news headlines when it was battling with nine-dan Korean Go player Lee Se-dol, one of the world’s top ranked professional Go players, in a five game series.

But while man and machine have been intensely focused on their matches and the real world has been zeroing in on the wins and losses, the Internet masses have taken an altogether different matter into their own hands: the personification of AlphaGo.

Over to you, Internet:

▼ In quiet contemplation

▼ A frustrating loss

▼ Losing…a new piece of data to assimilate

▼ A loss can still be considered a beautifully played game.

▼ How will AlphaGo approach the next game after a loss?

▼ A balance of white and black, just like the game of Go itself

▼ Will AlphaGo ever recover from the loss? (Spoiler alert…it did)

Many of the designs feature some version of a moe female character, but there are some who imagined a manlier AI.

And then there are a few fan artists who see the AI as being neither male or female. In this design, the logo for AlphaGo is prominently featured as the head.

While Korean Go fans are sharing their work on Twitter, we bet a lot of Japanese Go fans already have an ideal personification of the AI AlphaGo, one who strives to find the Hand of God.

Who knows what is next for Google’s DeepMind project and AlphaGo, but we hope artists will continue to draw their version of the AI.

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@rakita_JH, Twitter/@vkfks7746 (edited by RocketNews24)

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