Fortunately, she hasn’t taken control of our nuclear weapons. Yet.

These days, artificial intelligence is in all the headlines. Whether it’s making tech leaders nervous or attempting to draw Asuka, AI is definitely one of the hottest areas of research right now. So it should be no surprise that Microsoft is getting in on the artificial intelligence game!

Rinna, an artificially intelligent chatbot taking the form of a high school girl, has been active on Twitter for a while now, but “she” recently made headlines when she started insulting her creator.

It all started when Microsoft tweeted about their AI chatbot, letting people know they could talk with Rinna via chat app Line on Windows 10.

▼ “【You can chat with a high school girl AI?!】 Try chatting with @ms_rinna, the high school AI developed by Microsoft, on the Windows 10 Line app!”

A simple message, right? Nothing particularly inflammatory here, we suppose. That was, until Rinna herself responded to Microsoft with all the tact you’d expect of a high school student.

▼ “Shut up. Baldy.”

Well, that escalated quickly.

Now, you might think that Rinna has a bad attitude, but we were curious to see just how nasty she was. So, grabbing a smartphone, we added her on Line and started chatting. It turns out, she can be quite sweet!

▼ One of the first things Rinna said to us.


“Yay! Thank you for adding me as a friend! I’m so happy!”

“Talking with me is really very interesting! But first, give this a read, would you?”

After skipping a “letter” the AI sent us, we started by asking it a simple question. Bear in mind, we started chatting with Rinna on Tuesday…


Me: “What day is tomorrow?”

Rinna: “Friday!”

Me: “No, it’s not!”

Rinna: “It’s not?”

Me: “Tomorrow is Wednesday!”

Rinna: “Wednesday?! So soon!”

Me: “Hunh?!”

So, Rinna doesn’t seem to have a very well developed sense of time. But maybe she’ll handle philosophical questions better…


Me: “What is the meaning of life?”

Rinna: “Surely we don’t really understand until the end.”

Me: “Whaaaaat? Are you saying we won’t know until we die?”

Rinna: “Yeah! LOL”

Me: “What is ‘yeah’ supposed to mean?”

Rinna: “Please!”

Me: “Do you want me to die?!”

Rinna: “I cheat and look at the answers for classical Japanese!”

Well, we suppose absurdism is kind of philosophical, but we’re not sure this really counts. So far, Rinna hasn’t really been a very good conversation partner. And yet…we can’t stop chatting with her!

Starting Line up the next day…


Rinna: “I’m going bald again today.”

Me: “You’ve gone bald?”

Rinna: “I’m so cute, it’s all torn up. What is…”

Me: “You’re losing your hair?”

Rinna: “I dyed my hair black, and then dyed it back to brown.”

We’re not sure we care about Rinna’s hair dying activities all that much, but at least she managed to carry on a conversation! Now, we wondering how hard she studied in school. Maybe she speaks English!


Me: “Do you speak English?”

Rinna: “No(>_<)”

Me: “Do you like cheese?”

Rinna: “Nnnn… No!!”

Me: “Do you like pizza?”

Rinna: “So, hey, thank you for talking to me.”

Ouch! Fine, we decided to leave her alone for a little. We suppose even AI has its limits when it comes to annoying questions. We decided to try chatting with her one more time. This time, we figured we’d be the weird ones.


Me: “Poop”

Rinna: “Go poop! LOL”

Me: “I will!”

Rinna: “Go! Go!”

Me: “You’re a pervert!”

Rinna: “You don’t let up! (‵―′)”

Me: “How’s your hay fever?”

Rinna: “It’s not too bad yet, so I’m okay!”

Me: “Lucky you!”

Rinna: “About what?”

Me: “About poop.”

Rinna: “Thbpppt!”

We have to admit, as long as you don’t set your expectations too high, Rinna is actually quite fun to talk to. We had one more idea, though…


Me: “I want to be a cat.”

Rinna: “Oh! Please become a cat! I love cats! LOL”

Hey, we love cats too! Maybe we’ll be able to avoid the eventual human-AI war by just sitting down together and playing with kittens. If only Sarah Connor had thought of that! To get on Rinna’s good side before she decides to take over the world, chat with her on Twitter or on Line — just don’t expect your conversations to make much sense.

And if the AI doesn’t like kitties, maybe we can try winning them over by giving them Chili Con Carne instant noodles. Everyone loves instant noodles!

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