Muscle Plus has the perfect “macho man” image for your all-important presentation.

Late last year, a new free-to-use stock photo site burst onto the scene, making jaws drop and touchpads scroll to enlarge with its image collection of buff, muscular men.

The site, called Muscle Plus, is the brainchild of buff model Akihito, who says he found a gap in the market for free-to-use images of “macho” men. He decided to solve the problem with a few images of himself, before adding other men with similarly built physiques to the collection, and now the online stock photo site has grown to include even more men…and even more interesting scenarios.

▼ The models in the photos belong to the performance group “All Out”, named after the phrase “go all out”, which is often used in the fitness world.

▼ The definition of a well-built site.

Take the situation of needing to find an image of “A macho playing catch the macho in a rapeseed field“, for example. You may have spent hours online searching for appropriate material previously, but now you have a selection of options ready and waiting for you at your fingertips!

And remember that time you needed an image of “A macho playing catch the macho in a teafield” for that all-important business presentation?

▼ Problem solved!

The teafield series of images is actually the newest addition to the collection, so anytime you need an image related to tea, you now know where to turn to!

▼ Whether you need a photo of tea-picking…

▼ Hide-and-seek…

▼ General malarchy….

▼ Or “A Macho that’s been torn down and thrown away in the battle for supremacy of tea leaves” (hey…isn’t that what happened to our reporter P.K. recently?)…

▼ Muscle Plus believes it’s an image best expressed with semi-naked men.

There are plenty more images to choose from as well, covering scenarios like sakura cherry blossom viewing

▼ …Setsubun

▼ …muscle class…

▼ …and bathing at the sento (public bathhouse).

You can even check out some videos of the photo shoots on their official YouTube channel.

Muscle Plus runs by the theme of “adding muscles to everyday life!” and has a tongue-in cheek approach to stock photography, as the management openly declares they specialise in “free photos of macho men that are unlikely to be in demand”.

However, given the growing popularity of the Muscle Plus Twitter and Instagram accounts, and the accounts run by Akihito and All Out, there’s certainly demand for photos like these.

As well as being popular with advertisers and illustrators looking for reference photos, the free image site will no doubt be popular with anyone interested in buff physiques, including users of Vber Macho, which is kind of like Uber Eats, only with macho men delivering food to your door.

Top image: Muscle Plus
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