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Because our fluffy friends deserve the best care when they’re not feeling so hot.

We’ve all had those moments when we’re cleaning and come across that stuffed animal we’ve had for years. We gaze one last time upon its discolored fur, the fuzz bursting out through the seams, and then close our eyes as we force ourselves to wordlessly place it inside a trash bag, knowing there’s no way it could be restored to its former health.

But now, thanks to the Japanese website “Nuigurumi (Stuffed Animal) Hospital,” those tragic situations are a thing of the past! Instead of throwing out beloved, cuddly companions, we can now send them away to get the help they need… in style!

Here’s the tweet that brought the Stuffed Animal Hospital to the attention of the internet:

▼ “I’ve had the same bear for 12 years, and no matter how much I wash or clean it, it’s still worn out. So I did some searching and found the Stuffed Animal Hospital. It looks amazing! If they really do this nice a job, then I want to send my bear there.”

▼ The homepage for the Stuffed Animal Hospital, with outpatient/inpatient info, testimonials, and–oh my god those chickens are so cute!


▼ Your stuffed animal will be taken care of by a certified chicken and/or
frog plushy as it is prepped for fluff-surgery.


▼ And then comes back home to you in a box feeling a lot better, along with some presents from the hospital.


▼ There’s “medicine” for your stuffed animal to take to make sure they recover, bags of their old/new stuffing, and a DVD of their stay at the hospital. Now that’s service!


Yep, that has to be one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen. Sorry dressed-up baby twins and cup-hanging cookies, but when it comes most kawaiis-squealed-per-second, I think the Stuffed Animal Hospital is the clear winner.

If sending away your stuffed animal for some care is something you’re interested in, then check out the Stuffed Animal Hospital homepage. Hospital plans start at 3,900 yen (US$34) and go up from there based on size and services used, but can you really put a price on having your plushy pampered so perfectly?

Here’s what Japanese netizens had to say about the Stuffed Animal Hospital:

“Sometimes the world is a beautiful place.”
“I wish I knew about this before I threw out my precious stuffed animals.”
“I had a funeral for one of mine… but I can go dig it up and send it in!”
“Do they accept insurance?”

In the meantime, if you’re lucky enough that all of your plushies are perfectly healthy, then go ahead and show them some love too by sending them away to the overnight hotel/cafe that caters exclusively to stuffed animals. It may seem silly, but it’s a lot easier – and cheaper – than dragging your stuffed animal collections with you all around the world.

Source: Twitter/@anzu125 via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter/@anzu125

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