An old man seriously injured in an accident in China was dumped by the ambulance after they confirmed he was dead.

An ambulance in Anhui Province in China left behind a patient’s body after verifying that he had passed away, according to Chinese media outlet Anhui News (Chinese only).

The ambulance was called by the family of an elderly man who had been seriously injured in an accident. The man was picked up by the ambulance and taken to a clinic. From there, the ambulance set out to deliver the patient to a larger hospital.

▼ An ambulance in China


However, the ambulance stopped en route to meet an ambulance from the larger hospital, and the patient was assessed by the doctors who were riding in both ambulances. Upon examination, it was determined that the man had already passed away. It was at this point that the paramedics told the family that they had to attend another emergency and left the body behind.

The family was infuriated by the actions of the paramedics and reported the incident to the police. According to the police, the ambulance should have taken the body to a mortuary or passed it over to a vehicle that would take the body to a mortuary.

The paramedics and the driver of the ambulence responsible for the incident have reportedly been discharged from their positions.

Source: Hachima Kiko, livedoor news
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