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Fans of Ghibli works, and especially the studio’s early fantasy adventure Castle in the Sky, will surely be wanting one of these music-enhanced Lego Castle Laputa replicas for themselves.

Moreso than any other Ghibli film, it seems there’s something about Castle in the Sky that brings the creative spirit out in people. We’ve already seen various artistic works inspired by the film, but this replica of the film’s floating castle, Laputa, may just be one of our favorites.

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Sure, the fact that it’s made out of Lego and we are actually 12-year-olds trapped in adult bodies definitely helps, but the way the replica lazily spins thanks to an integrated music box – which appropriately plays the film’s whimsical theme, “Kimi wo Nosete” – gives the piece a kind of elegant, almost Victorian charm despite the building block medium.

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The creation, featured on hobbyist site the brothers brick, is the work of pro Lego builders Bangoo H and Yeom-E, and features all kinds of minor little touches that make the model even cooler, such as the floating clouds that gently bob up and down, and the exposed gears that mesh with the film’s steampunk technology.

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We don’t know a whole lot about the two creators, but Bangoo H, at least, maintains a Flickr page filled with even more Lego models of pop cultural icons that’s worth a look. This one’s still our favorite though.

Source: Bangoo H and Yeom-E/YouTube h/t Kotaku Japan
Images: Bangoo H and Yeom-E/YouTube