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With the right amount of creativity, Lego bricks are the keys to other realms and the building blocks of otherworldly creations. But put in the hands of a spatially challenged, uninspired Lego novice, those little bricks continue to resemble the little pieces of plastic they really are. That’s why it’s so impressive when someone masters the art of building with Lego. Artist, Sachiko Akinaga, is one of those Lego masters and she’s managed to create plastic food that will make you want to take a bite.

▼ A banana! Don’t eat the peel!Banana Lego

▼ Or the rest of it for that matter.
banana lego2

▼ Loaded fruit parfait. So detailed!parfait lego

▼ Strawberry shortcake.Shortcake

▼ With a bonus surprise inside.shortcake2

▼ A generic cheeseburger set meal.hambuger fries

▼ And one from McDonald’s.value set

PS – This Lego sushi created by Flickr user, “Big Daddy” Nelson, is AMAZING!!!



Source: Entabe, Foodiggity
Images: Let’s Lego“Big Daddy” Nelson