It’s become an annual tradition for Japanese broadcaster Nippon TV to air Studio Ghibli anime in its weekly Kinyo Roadshow Friday night movie slot during summer vacation. Last Friday, for example, they showed the 1986 classic Castle in the Sky Laputa.

Every time Laputa is shown on television, viewers across Japan simultaneously tweet out “Barusu!” at the same moment the anime’s protagonists, Sheeta and Pazu, speak the pivotal incantation, sometimes shattering world records with their enthusiasm. This year, though, there was even more Laputa Twitter excitement the next day, as Studio Ghibli released four pieces of artwork for fans to use freely.

The announcement includes what’s become Ghibli’s standard qualifier, saying “Please use these freely within the bounds of common sense.” There was a similar stipulation with the digital Howl’s Moving Castle illustration that Ghibli released last month, and once again this piece of Ghibli generosity had grateful fans on Twitter replying with messages of thanks.

In their standard forms, the illustrations feature Sheeta rolling up her sleeves with a gung-ho “OK”…

Pazu smiling and saying “Mata ne” (“See you again”)…

Uncle Pom murmuring “Ho~” to show his intrigued interest…

…and, Muska declaring “Subarashii!” (“Wonderful!”).

Within the anime, it’s a display of the ancient magical power he covets that causes Muska to be overcome with reverent emotion, but here in our world, the Subarashii! could just as easily be directed at Studio Ghibli for this latest fan-appreciation gesture.

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