Indulge your inner child in a more mature manner with Lego’s new bonsai and flower bouquet sets.

Coming hot off the heels of one of the toughest years on record for just about everyone, people are already devising resolutions and plans to keep their spirits up. Stressed or anxious people can find it hard to shift out of work mode and take much-needed rest time–in the Lego Play Well Study conducted by toy company Lego in 2020, 70 percent of surveyed adults admitted they were looking for ways to bust stress, and over 80 percent said that play lessened the effects of stress.

We’re no strangers to the satisfaction of a good craft kit, but many of the most inventive or creative toys are marketed with children in mind (even if we get a kick out of them anyway.) Lego has come to the rescue with a new adult-specific line, featuring some gorgeous, tasteful kits that will brighten up your space as well as your psyche.

▼ We feel better just looking at this.

The Botanical Collection, a sub-brand in Lego’s new adult-oriented line, will consist of two kits: the Lego Flower Bouquet and the Lego Bonsai. The company hasn’t set an official suggested retail price, but on Rakuten the two are priced at 6,106 yen (US$58.80) plus tax. Each set comes with parts crafted from a plant-derived plastic, sourced from sustainably-grown sugarcane, and allows those 18 year-olds and up to create their own earthy, floral delights with layers of bricks.

Let’s take a closer look at the Lego Flower Bouquet:

▼ Muted colors and adjustable stems abound.

This set provides all the pieces for you to make your own customizable flower arrangement. Snapdragons, roses, poppies, daisies, even floral grasses — you can swap flowers in and out to create the perfect posy for your living space. As mentioned above, the stems can be tweaked to fit all kinds of different vases, and you can even incorporate the Rose and Tulip models sold at the brick-and-mortar Lego Stores for added levels of variety.

The Lego Bonsai is a real treat to behold, too:

▼ Choose between evergreen or a spring flush of cherry blossom petals.

The kit lets you make your bonsai tree up to match the season, sporting lush green leaves or a smattering of peachy-pink cherry blossom. The tree comes potted in a classy rectangular pot, seated atop a raised wooden pedestal. It’ll make a striking centerpiece for a table or window, and you never have to worry about neglecting it like you would with a real potted tree.

▼ The tiny, delicate pieces make the petals pop!

The sets are on sale at Lego stores nationwide now, and can also be purchased online through Rakuten or other online vendors. They’ll make a perfect present for anyone stuck at home and feeling dreary, and may even help brighten your day long after you’re done assembling them.

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Source, images: PR Times

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