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A magically floating Castle in the Sky – of Studio Ghibli fame – made from yakisoba and a whole head of broccoli is making the Japanese Twitter rounds. And you can make one, too!

Who knew that with just two ingredients, a wine glass, and the most rudimentary of cooking skills, you could build a perfect replica of Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky‘s titular castle in the sky for dinner time?

Whether your dinner guests will be perplexed, slightly horrified, or super pumped about this concoction will depend on how in-the-know your guests are about Ghibli Studio’s works and/or whether or not your dinner guests are actually just your grandparents who came over because they’re worried about you being a shut-in who constantly plays with his food and calls the resulting messes “food sculptures.”

The (possibly not actually) “original” Twitpic of the broccoli and yakisoba Castle in the Sky doesn’t give any details about how to make the edible structure, but we’re going to take a quick crack at the recipe anyway:

1) Make some yakisoba and stuff it into a wine glass or a champagne flute so that a bunch of it hangs kind of grossly out of the sides.

2) Grab a whole head of broccoli and mash it part of the way into the glass. We bet a champagne flute works to better effect, but in that case you may need to whittle down the stem of the broccoli head so it fits.

3) Serve to your terrified dinner guests while your eyes dart wildly and you mumble to yourself about “volucite crystals.”

There, now don’t you feel better for having achieved something today?

Source: Artist Database
Image: Twitter/@LoveDDR_NyanCat