Could this be the iconic mermaid’s ultimate form? Either way, these Starbucks parody t-shirts are worth checking out!

When people think of Starbucks, no doubt the mermaid featured on the brand’s logo is one of the first images that comes to mind. In case you weren’t previously aware, this beauty that eventually became the face of the coffee chain is actually a two-tailed siren plucked from Norse mythology to represent the maritime history of Seattle, where the first Starbucks opened over 40 years ago.

Unlike the sirens of the Greeks that would lure men to their deaths with song, the Norse siren was a symbol of enlightenment and alchemy, like the unification of water and the earth.

But as the popular chain’s hold on Japan has strengthened over the span of two decades, it makes sense that someone would want to give Starbucks’ iconic siren a facelift that better represents modern-day Japan, like maybe a beautiful female businesswoman at the helm of a giant robot.

If the rising popularity of mecha girls and Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant are any indication, it should be an easy enough sell, and that’s just what one retailer on online retailer Rakuten is trying to do with this one-of-a-kind shirt.


For the price of 1,600 yen (US$14.20) before tax, you can pick from six colors: black, sky blue, red, green, brown, and navy. Unfortunately however, while the print may be on the bigger side, the store currently only offers shirts in sizes of medium or large.


Much like this other shirt we featured before, we’re sure it’ll turn the heads of your local Starbucks baristas the next time you walk in to satisfy your cravings for a sakura or apricot frap.

Source, images: Rakuten/MBK-Trade