Spice up your breakfast orange juice by letting some of Japan’s freakiest horror characters hang off it.

When Sadako vs Kayako was announced last year, I just about peed myself and didn’t sleep for a week. While some people love horror films, I’ve never really been a fan — partly because a person can only handle so many sleepless nights before they decide to just avoid scary stories all together. So, I have to admit, I still haven’t even watched last month’s trailer for the upcoming film.

And yet…I can’t help wanting to run out to buy some of these Sadako vs Kayako hangers!

▼ Sadako is less terrifying and more adorable with those cartoon-like fingers.


▼ Is she reaching for my throat…or the milk for her coffee?


▼ This is kind of what I look like trying to tear myself out of bed in the morning.


▼ I’m starting to think Sadako was just hungover in the Ring.


▼ Toshio almost looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid here…


▼ Okay, this one is still pretty freaky!


The hangers will be available in five versions (pictured above). The Kayako and Sadako hangers will be about 50 millimeters (just shy of 2 inches) long, and the Toshio hanger will measure 30 millimeters (1.12 inches). You can either buy single packs (with contents hidden) for 500 yen (US$4.41) each or purchase boxes with random 8 packs for 4,000 yen ($35.30).

There will also be two rare versions of the Toshio figure, one with gold skin and another with gold underwear.



You’ll be able to find the Putitto Sadako vs Kayako hangers at movie theaters, hobby shops, book stores, and other locations across Japan. The figures are planned to be released in June.

If, like me, you need a good dose of cute after reading about freaky Japanese horror films, you may want to check out Nagasaki Bio Park’s adorable baby tapir. We promise it won’t haunt you!

Sources/images: PR Times, Kodokawa Corporation
Featured image: PR Times