Let’s light up some Disney-authorized Mickey Mouse incense

So that’s what Mickey smells like?

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Mr. Sato tries his luck with a lucky bag of mystery underwear

Mama always said life is like a lucky bag of outlet underwear.

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Rakuten CEO donates one billion yen to Ukrainian humanitarian relief

Says that “the trampling of a peaceful and democratic Ukraine by unjustified force is a challenge to democracy.”

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Testing out the cheapest wedding dress in Japan: this US$49 beauty【Photos】

A wedding gown for less than 50 bucks? This sounds like a job for SoraNews24’s fashion expert.

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Mark your territory with these mega cute Japanese name stamps, starring 15 playful dog breeds

What you really need is a small, vibrant image of a dog to tie your personal seal together.

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Japanese men reveal the Halloween costumes they most want to see on women【Survey】

Responses indicate that what men want and what women actually wear are not always the same thing.

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Japanese clothing retailer turns Starbucks mermaid into a mecha robot girl

Could this be the iconic mermaid’s ultimate form? Either way, these Starbucks parody t-shirts are worth checking out!

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Trouble sleeping? Then let this shrimp pillow cuddle/strangle you to sleep tonight

What’s crucial for a getting a good night’s sleep? For many, a good pillow is key, as a bad one can leave you tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable and leave you with a crick in your neck the next morning. If you need a little extra support, a neck pillow can be just the addition you need.

But don’t settle for just any old, everyday neck pillow. Get one with flare and style… and shrimp!

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These cute character matches will really “catch on” and “start a fire” in your heart

Most people reach for a lighter when they need to start a fire. It’s rare to see someone pull out a box of good old-fashioned matches, though collecting matchboxes and matchbooks was once a hobby for some! Nowadays, though, the opportunities to use a match and get that satisfaction of striking it against the side of a box are few and far between.

However, these incredibly cute match head character may just be enough to change trends! We definitely hope this is something that catches on.
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Online Customer Review of a Can of Cat Food Horrifies Thousands

On first hearing about this story, it’s easy to be skeptical that a review for a can of cat food could possibly be as unnerving as one buyer’s comment on Rakuten (Japan’s answer to Amazon) was purported to be.

Most of us have spent enough time on the internet and saw our share of Goatses and blue waffles.  So how could an online review for a tin of Mon Petit Whitefish & Tuna For Kittens possibly turn our web-hardened stomachs?

It did.

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