Buff beauty poses for spread in Japan’s Weekly Playboy.

Back in January, we took a look at Reika Saiki, a model attached to Japanese pro wrestling organization WRESTLE-1. But there’s more to Saiki than just a pretty face, as she also regularly shows off her muscular biceps, sculpted abs, and powerful quads.

Television audiences across Japan got an eyeful of Saiki’s musculature after she appeared on a variety program last winter, and if you thought the fitness-minded 23-year-old was going to start coasting on her workout schedule after that, think again. Not only is she in the middle of training for a career change in which she’ll become a pro wrestler herself, the Japanese edition of Weekly Playboy magazine that went on sale March 28 has a four-page, non-nude spread dedicated to Saiki, and in a series of preview tweets she sent out, she’s looking as buff as ever.

With the splashy text introducing her as “The muscle idol with an astonishing body,” Saiki smiles and poses in a revealing backless dress. But while that’s a common wardrobe choice for glamorous photo shoots, most people modeling the fashion aren’t also doing this great a job modeling the trapezius muscles too.


A proper weightlifting regimen doesn’t just focus on the upper body, though, and as a reminder of that readers of the magazine will also see Saiki doing a set of barbell squats.

While her weightlifting form looks impeccable, she points out that she usually works with far more weight than what’s pictured here, and last week, in the company of her personal trainer, squatted over 100 kilograms (220 pounds).


“In this shot, you can tell that I’m flat-chested,” laughs Saiki. However, she also mentions that she’s heard from fans who bought the new issue of Playboy just to see her, and with so many other parts of her body to appreciate, one can understand why.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@saikireika