Buff beauty boasts bewitching biceps.

Pro wrestling league WRESTLE-1 is just one of many competing organizations in its industry, so it has to do more than just shout its name in all caps to draw in spectators. One way to attract attention is with attractive women, so WRESTLE-1 has its own group of designated mascot models called Cheer♡1.

As you’d expect from a team with a heart as an official part of its name, Cheer♡1 goes for a cute, energetic image. Perky and petite Reika Saiki’s Twitter account shows that she can easily check both of those boxes.

At just 150 centimeters (59 inches) tall, the 23-year-old Saiki is the shortest member of the group, and is considered to be the “little sister” of the outfit.

But take another look at the above photo, and you might notice that while all three models have the midriffs to pull off those outfits, the 23-year-old Saiki’s has far more definition to it. It turns out that while it’s Cheer♡1’s job to cheer on pro wrestlers, Saiki has a physique that makes us think she could probably hold her own inside the ring too.


Saiki has been spending the last couple of months hitting the gym and protein-loading, and the results of her new exercise and diet regimens are starting to show.

▼ “Mmm…today’s protein shake tastes so good♡”

Until recently, her manager had been making some cursory efforts to keep her body-building under wraps, admitting that he’d even edited some of her promotional photos to tone done her muscle mass. During an appearance last weekend on variety program Ariyoshi Hanseikai, though, the Saitama native showed off her guns for the studio and TV audience, while cheerfully telling them “It’s fun to build muscle!”

However, fans who follow Saiki through her Twitter account and other forms of social media were already in the know, as she regularly posts snapshots that make it clear she has a penchant for fitness.

▼ And also that she doesn’t’t skip leg day.


While her powerfully athletic build might differ from the more slender look that’s the typical archetype of beauty in Japan, the response to Saiki’s increased openness has been largely positive and is winning her plenty of new supporters.


After all, Cheer♡1’s states its core values as “Sporty. Healthy. Beauty. Global.”, and there’s no denying that Saiki is showing how exercise can be part of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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Source: AOL Japan via Hachima Kiko