Looks like Pikachu’s protein supplements and lifting regimen have been super effective.

When you stop and think about it, shouldn’t Pikachu have a more muscular build? Since 1996, the Pokémon mascot has been travelling the world with his trainer, largely on foot, and regularly battling other Pocket Monsters. With such strenuous and consistent physical activity, it’s weird that Pikachu still has such a pudgy physique.

So here with an alternate version of the character is Japanese Twitter user and artist @bankokukun.

Starting with an unshaded outline from a Pokémon coloring book, @bankokukun added textures to show off Pikachu’s ripped abs, beefy biceps, and yoked quads. He also gave the electric-type Pocket Monster the dark, soulless eyes that come with a lifestyle steeped in constant violence, and a set of teeth (proving once again that there are some things you just shouldn’t put choppers on).

@bankokukun gave a similarly sinister makeover to Pancham. While the panda-like Pokémon has often had a bit of a surly look to him, @bankokukun’s artistic additions take it to a whole new level.

From a logical standpoint, @bankokukun’s redesigns make a lot of sense, in that there’s really not much reason for Pokémon to be so cuddly. Well, except for the fact that it’s hard to have parades and sell plushies of such intimidating-looking critters.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@bankokukun

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