Would the real Taylor Swift please stand up?

Like her or loathe her, Taylor Swift’s sweet voice and lovely looks have made her the darling of the pop music world and have won her loyal fans all over the globe. It seems that people are just as into her styles as they are her catchy tunes, and a quick search on YouTube will yield hundreds of fan videos and tributes. But here’s one that really stands out.

The South Korean makeup artist, who has a number of other tutorials on her channel PONY Makeup, has viewers wondering “What sorcery is this?” as she works her way through over 20 makeup items, displaying some mad contouring skills to give the appearance of having a completely different ethnicity.

It’s amazing to see how much makeup this girl seems to have on hand, and how many different products go into just one aspect of the look. After some prep work with foundation and concealer, she starts creating some shape with a double-ended contour stick.




And then you blend and blend and blend. Blending is the secret!

She then adds more shadowing and shape with the Shine Easy Glam 1 box of colors.



Did you notice her eyebrow enhancement in the screenshot above? Look at all that went into just that:





No detail goes overlooked, not even a couple of minuscule freckles on her right cheek.

When the makeup is done, just add a wig, and… Oh hey, Taylor! You sure came out of nowhere!

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Source, top image: YouTube/PONY Makeup
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