Our team of five reporters try to turn themselves into Japanese heartthrob Kimutaku【Photos】

The desire to achieve cultural icon status drove our team to undergo hair and clothing makeovers for hefty transformations. How were the end results?

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Our reporter transforms into a cool rock star with the help of some fashion experts

Still riding the Halloween high, our guy gets his biggest dream realized in the most rockin’ way.  

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Cosmetic wizardry: Asian women removing makeup to reveal their true selves goes viral【Video】

Watch them undergo some serious transformations.

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Chinese woman dazzles the net with her transformations into Western celebrities【Video】

Young woman transforms herself into Britney, Beyoncé, and T-Swift with only the power of makeup.

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This stoic gentleman is Sailor Suit Old Man?!?

Cue magical old man transformation sequence!

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Kirby’s “you are what you eat” transformation is even better when applied to real life

Lovable Kirby gives all of us who enjoy eating some life goals.

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Artists share their personal progress in images, demonstrate the benefits of a time jump

Proving once again that anyone can get better as long as they practice, practice, practice!

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Korean makeup artist transforms herself into Taylor Swift in mind-blowing makeup tutorial 【Video】

Would the real Taylor Swift please stand up?

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Attack on Titan could definitely use a little Sailor Moon—check out this transformation!【Video】

If you ever thought Eren from Attack on Titan needed a Sailor Moon-esque costume change sequence, your prayers have been answered.

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From out of shape to fitness instructor in three years – one woman’s tale of reinvention 【Photos】

Here on the internet, where many of us virtually live, there’s little we love more than a good tale of transformation. Whether it’s through the use of clever make-up and camera angles to achieve a gorgeous face, or whether it’s a full-body overhaul, there’s something uplifting about living vicariously through other people’s success stories.

Today we’d like to share with you the tale of one woman in China who transformed herself from couch potato to fitness instructor in just three years, losing almost half her body weight in the process.

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The power of anime: Man quits smoking, turns his life around thanks to Love Live!

Anime changes lives, and we have the photographs to prove it. Who doesn’t love a good tale of transformation complete with shocking before and afters? One man showcases his change from chain-smoking drunk to dedicated otaku, but was it really a change for the better?

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Man beats up woman for not looking like “goddess” he spent thousands of dollars to meet

We’ve seen the magical transformative powers of makeup many times before. All it takes is a few puffs or creams and a flattering camera angle to turn someone into a completely different person. This can all be in good fun when it’s just for some tweets, but when someone in a relationship is pretending to look like a completely different person online, then disaster can strike when they actually meet up.

Unfortunately this is exactly what happened when one man in China spent thousands of dollars to meet the woman he’d found online, only to discover that she didn’t look anything like the “goddess” in the pictures he’d seen.

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Ugly-cute makeup genius feeds off negative troll comments on Twitter

We’re all used to seeing those before-and-after photos of plain jane (or even, let’s be honest, um, “conventionally unattractive”) Asian girls transforming themselves into gorgeous swans through the use of cosmetics. But did you ever stop to think about those girls’ lives? What kind of bullying and social pressure drove them to devote themselves so entirely to relying on the contents of their makeup bags?

Today we’d like to introduce you to a young lady whose “before” face has made her the victim of a barrage of cruel tweets. But is she bothered? Not one bit!

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Is that cute girl’s profile pic really anything like her ‘real’ face?

This compilation of the makeup transformations of Japanese girls has sparked debate on whether anyone shows their ‘real’ face on the internet any more, and just what counts as a ‘real’ face these days anyway. Read on to see more of the startling power of makeup and good lighting, and find out the point these women are trying to make.

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Filipino actor transforms into celebrity women with a little help from his friends

We’ve demonstrated the power of makeup before, so it’s fair to say that we’re believers in its mystical ability to transform wearers. That said not every makeup experiment will work perfectly–or at all–but we do still enjoy seeing the attempts. While it can be used to help people change their appearance almost entirely, makeup can only stretch reality so far. But just what are the limits?

Well, if you’re Paolo Ballesteros, an actor and comedian popular in the Philippines, not many! Check out his numerous transformations into popular female celebrities using only makeup, wigs, and contact lenses below and see what can be done with some well-placed blush.

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Makeup transformation experts move to character impersonations【Photos】

We’ve previously seen the creative cyber citizens from the Philippines use their amazing makeup techniques to instantly transform themselves into superstars such as Brad Pitt and Miley Cyrus.

Well, things have gotten slightly out of hand since then and makeup transformation enthusiasts have apparently attained the ability of turning themselves into non-human forms. It’s totally bizarre! Check out their super transformations after the break!

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The newest member of the Sailor Moon cast: Iron Man!?

One of the most iconic scenes from the recent Iron Man films is that of the Jarvis-infused suit attaching itself to Tony Stark as the billionaire walks, falls, or just stands around looking sexy. It might be one of the coolest ways of getting dressed in the history of cinema, but, if we’re being honest, we always thought something could be done to make it appeal a bit more to shojo anime fans.

Well, thanks to a team of South Korean college students, our dreams have been answered…and we can finally find out what a Sailor Moon-style Iron Man transformation would look like. Spoiler alert: Freaking amazing!

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Korean cutie teaches us the importance of camera angles and smiling nicely

The girl above (yes, they’re both the same girl!) has shared a video of her incredible transformation from the rather unflattering left-hand pose to the cutie on the right. Read on to find out how she did it!

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