Love Liver stretches his anime idols out for a relaxing ride, but online critics aren’t a fan of his manners.

Crowded as they can get, Japanese trains are actually fairly spacious before they get filled up with commuters. The country’s buses, on the other hand, tend to be pretty cramped on the inside, with narrow walkways and snug seats.

Obviously, if you’re lucky enough to snag a spot to sit down, manners dictate that you should try to sit as compactly as possible, so that someone can squeeze in next to you. However, a photo shared by Japanese Twitter user @torooo_n has got people angry over the way that an otaku passenger is not only taking up a two-person bench seat all by himself, but also is having two of his beloved anime girls do the same.

Aside from the compact idol peeking out of his backpack, the Love Live! fan has brought along two extra-large “Tera Jumbo” plushies, which are each sprawled out on a two-person seat of their own across the aisle from him.

Love Live! Tera Jumbo

“This creepy otaku was walking around with his Tera Jumbos. Knock it off,” angrily tweeted @torooo_n, though he’s apparently also well-versed enough in the franchise to be able to recognize the Tera Jumbo (which can be purchased here) and call it by name.

Other commenters were similarly steamed.

“This is why people have a bad image of otaku.”
“If his plushies are sitting in their own seats, they should charge him for three fares.”
“How inept is this guy at behaving in public?”
“I’m a Love Liver myself, and even I think this is creepy.”
“This is really inconsiderate of other passengers.”

One commenter voiced his minority opinion that since the bus doesn’t look to be particularly crowded at the time the photo was taken, he doesn’t think the Love Liver is doing anything wrong. He was the lone outlier in that school of thought, however, as the rest of the online reactions followed the common Japanese attitude that part of being polite is not taking more than your fair share of the available space on public transportation even before the vehicle starts to get crowded.

Granted, it’s nice to see someone treating anime merchandise with more respect that this Love Live! hater who dragged an idol plushie behind his car while driving down the road. Still, the fan in the photo from @torooo_n might want to remember that if you’re going out into town with a physical representation of your anime crush, the polite thing to do is to go full lovey-dovey and either have her sit on your lap, or carry her in your arms.

Source: Twitter/@torooo_n via Jin
Images: Amazon/セガ

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