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Looking for the cutest dining experience ever? Time to head to Shanghai!

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According to a recent article on China Daily, Shanghai’s first “authorized Hello Kitty-themed restaurant,” called Bistro Bianco Hello Kitty, is open for business and ready to serve you everything from Hello Kitty-branded drinks to these delightful treats.


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The restaurant is apparently spilt between two floors, with the first floor being where customers wait to be seated and the second containing the dining area. The proprietors also set up the first floor with plenty of Hello Kitty goods straight from Japan for you to buy while your stomach grumbles. Hey, no one ever said Sanrio doesn’t know how to make money!

▼ Get your Kitty-chan goods on the way in or out!

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▼ There are also plenty of giant Hello Kitty statues to greet you!

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▼ Hello Kitty is ready to serve you! Hopefully that means serve food to you…

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▼ She’ll also guide you up the staircase leading to the dining area.

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▼ You’re not really dining alone if Kitty is there with you!


▼ Hello Kitty drinks

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▼ And Hello Kitty tiramisu!


If you manage to make it to Shanghai to try the food, be sure to let us know how it is! In the mean time, we’ll just have to be satisfied with KFC and their craft beers.

Bistro Information
Address:  Shanghai Nanjing Road 353, 7th Floor
Phone number: 6333-1880
Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Sources: Sanrio Smiles, China Daily, Shanghaiist, Smart Shanghai
Images: Sanrio SmilesChina Daily