Pringles crossover makes Sanrio stars look like Mario and Luigi.

Hello Kitty is known for being one of the hardest working characters in Japan, constantly stepping into different outfits for collaborations with all sorts of brands, ranging from Hershey’s Kisses through to Sailor Moon.

The cat that’s not a cat is now teaming up with Pringles, and bringing puppy pal Cinnamoroll along for the ride as well. As the Pringles mascot, Julius Pringles, or “Mr P” as he’s commonly known, is famous for his handlebar moustache, that’s what the Sanrio characters will be donning for this collaboration.

Hello Kitty will be batting for the red team, the colour used for Pringles’ popular Umashio (“tasty salt”)…

…while Cinnamoroll will be decked out in green to represent Sour Cream and Onion.

The colour-ways chosen for this stache-heavy collaboration make Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll look a liiiitle bit like Mario and Luigi, especially when it comes to the Candy and Mascot sets, priced at 1,980 yen (US$17.26) each.

▼ The tins in these sets look like Pringles chip containers, but they’re actually filled with candy.

The plushies above come with a removable moustache, so Kitty and Cinnamoroll can cosplay as Mr P. We’ve gotta say, though, this look is giving us Mario and Luigi vibes.

▼ It’s a-me, Hello Kitty!

Other items in the collection include:

Stickers (495 yen), which come in packs of 50, featuring 10 different designs.

▼ Tins filled with candy that become Pen Stands (1,210 yen)

Drawstring Bags filled with candy (880 yen)

Pouches filled with candy (1,650 yen)

Eco Bags (1,870 yen)

Mini tote bags filled with candy (1,980 yen)

Petit Towels (792 yen)

As you can see, Hello Kitty is “dying for Pringles” and it’s no wonder, given all the Pringles references in the collection that curiously come with candy and none of the brand’s famously addictive saddle-shaped chips.

The Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll Pringles Collaboration will be available from 3 February at Sanrio stores and online, as well as select Sanrio stockists like department stores.

Now that we’ve got a craving for Pringles just like Kitty-chan, you’ll have to excuse us while we pop out and search for these Ramen Pringles we discovered in Japan last year!

Source, images: PR Times
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