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If you’re a doting dog owner, odds are you occasionally give a special treat to your canine companion, but what about liquid refreshment? Just like you might reward yourself with a cup of gourmet coffee or a craft beer at the end of a long day, don’t you think your dog would sometimes enjoy something other than H20 in his water dish?

For all of those answering yes, this might be just the thing: fresh-squeezed goat milk, specifically sold for dogs.

Online shop Chiacchiere Cani, which means, roughly, “The Chatty Canine” in Italian, is a Japanese pet food supplier that specializes in gourmet dog food and snacks, including cakes and cookies. Now, the company has decided to branch out into beverages.

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Chiacchiere Cani’s newest product is freshly squeezed goat milk for pampered pets. The company claims that, compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk is lower in allergens and easier for dogs to digest.

Until now, Japanese pet owners wanting to treat their animals to goat milk were largely limited to buying imported brands in powdered form. Chiacchiere Cani’s, however, comes from a dairy farm in Toyama Prefecture’s Kurobe City, located in the highlands of the northern Japanese Alps.

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To ensure maximum freshness, shipments are made twice a week from the dairy directly to customers. The milk is bottled in 150-milliliter (5.1-ounce) containers, with four packs selling for 1,540 yen (US$12.90) and six packs for 2,310 yen. As is often the case when buying beverages in Japan, there’s no per-unit price break with the larger bundle, but orders over 5,400 yen do get free shipping.

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The goat milk can be ordered here from Chiacchiere Cani, and will be available until the end of the milking season, which comes at the tail of September.

Source: Entabe
Images: Chiacchiere Cani