Adorable baby goat doesn’t know how to drink from a bucket, dunks whole head in【Video】

This kid is determined to get as much milk as possible, and it’s darn cute.

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Visit this Tokyo-area Ikea to find furniture, Swedish meatballs, goats, and — wait, goats?!

We discovered an unexpected sight during a recent trip to an IKEA in the suburbs of Tokyo.
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Rent-a-goat service now available in Japan, ready to fulfill all your goat-related needs

If you need a furry friend that also doubles as an eco-friendly lawnmower, this is for you.

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Twitterer explains cool factoid about goat eyes with cute illustration, blows internet’s mind

Whether you’re creeped out by or love goats’ rectangular pupils, you probably didn’t know this about them.

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Group of ISIS-inspired kids abuses, attempts to kill a goat as “practice for killing a person”

Earlier this month we saw what was beleived to be the first ISIS-inspired murder in Japan when a group of teenagers brutally killed a fellow classmate. However it has recently come to light that in the middle of February, a different group of Tokyo middle school students broke into an elementary school with the intent of murdering the school pet goat as “practice” for killing a fellow human being.

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Amazon Japan has grass problem, hires goats to “take care of it”

Earlier this week, Amazon Japan had a problem at their Gifu Prefecture distribution center: the grass and weeds were growing too long. So, what did they do? Get out a box-shaped lawn mower and go a few rounds?

Well, not quite…

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Goats on a Tree

You wander the Moroccan desert lost, dehydration and the scorching sun draining the life from your body more and more with each passing moment.

An oasis appears. A pool of water at the base of a lush tree promise relief from the heat and hope that you may yet find your way home.

You run towards the oasis but then stop suddenly. Did that tree just bleat at me?

You rub your eyes and, as the illusion evaporates into the unforgiving sun, you realize: that tree isn’t covered in foliage, it’s covered in goats. And that pool of water? That’s goats too.

You murmur to yourself: What the $!&#.

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