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Watch these wailing babies go from kill mode to chill mode in the blink of an eye.

Especially if it’s just you and your child, trying to console your little one while keeping your eyes on the road isn’t easy. No, we’re not there yet; no, I can’t pick you up right now; no my eardrums were not designed to take this amount of pounding without resulting in permanent damage.

Parents the world over have known the power of the sing-along, drive tape or iPod playlist for decades, but there are only so many times “The Wheels on the Bus” can catch a toddler’s attention, and there’s no guarantee that your little one will be calm enough by the time your specially selected playlist ends for you to be able to continue your drive without having to plug your lugholes with tissue to stop the bleeding.

But If the following promotional video is any indication, Nissan Japan may have struck upon something of a musical magic formula with its free drive music, which is designed to entertain, soothe, and ultimately send to sleep any tiny passengers who have decided mid-trip that they’re too young for this sh*t and want out.

Watch Nissan’s adorable experiment here:

Composed by the Nissan Social Media Project’s editor-in-chief, Osamu Suzuki, the songs, which are titled “Isshoni iru yo” (Here with you) and the baby babble-esque “Papipupepororin”, were recorded at a high audio frequency (around 5,000–6,000Hz) so as to catch the attention of crying babies. The idea is that, by playing the music the moment your baby starts to get fussy, the tracks’ upbeat tempo and numerous sudden animal sounds, booms and beeps will keep their attention long enough for them to forget all about their mini-banshee duties. Skip ahead a couple of minutes, however, and you’ll notice how the music changes, gradually becoming calmer so as to lull the little ones into a pleasant snooze.

And did it work? You betcha!

▼ “I didn’t think she’d stop crying so quickly.”

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▼ “We were grinning all the way.”

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▼ Happy baby, happy mama!

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Perhaps you could try Nissan’s free tunes the next time your own little one throws a drive-time tantrum? That is, if they’ve finally given you permission to play anything other than the Frozen soundtrack…

Source/screenshots: YouTube/Nissan Newsroom, Response