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What kind of grilling can Ronald expect to receive after being a-salted in broad daylight and taken into McCustody? 

Police in Guangzhou, China, were seen “arresting” a life-size Ronald McDonald statue earlier this week after the fast food restaurant reportedly ignored instructions to remove it from in front of their store.

Despite being told that the clown was causing an obstruction, the restaurant left Ronald in place, resulting in three uniformed men coming to haul him away in scene that was so farcical, net users began sharing photos of the incident in their thousands.

The clown clearly did not want to leave, however, as although the boys in blue got the bulk of him, his comical red shoes remained firmly in place, perhaps as a warning to the people of Guangzhou that any one of them could be next and that something must be done to prevent further kidnappings.

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▼ “Hey fellas, what’s up?”

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▼ “Fellas? What are you–“

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▼ “No! Why are you doing this!? I’ve done nothing wrong!”

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▼ “You can’t do this; it’s not right! Why is no one helping me!?”

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▼ “Avenge meeee!”

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While we’re sure there are plenty of readers out there who will be relieved to hear that there’s now one fewer creepy clowns on the streets, a customer who witnessed the arrest told reporters that they thought there was something fishy about the while incident, saying: “If [Ronald] was causing an obstruction here, then why aren’t they taking away the Pleasant Goat statue from across the street?”

Could this be some kind of government-sponsored crackdown on fast food idols? Are doctored photos purporting to show Mayor McCheese doing lines of coke off an escort’s bottom about to be released? Perhaps we should form a protective ring around Colonel Sanders

Source: Livedoor News, YouTube/NEXTTV 1000
 YouTube/NEXTTV 1000