Chinese man turns himself into human rollerblade, gets arrested for zooming on roads【Video】

Arguably a much preferable outcome than getting run over by cars.

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Photos of Ronald McDonald statue being “arrested” by Chinese police go viral【Video】

What kind of grilling can Ronald expect to receive after being a-salted in broad daylight and taken into McCustody? 

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Cloud Crime: Man Arrested for Taking Up-skirt Photos Released on Bizarre Technicality

On 10 September, a 34-year-old businessman from Kagawa prefecture, Japan, was arrested by airport police for suspicion of taking illicit photographs of a female flight attendant during a domestic flight.

The man was arrested soon after his arrival in Tokyo and taken into custody, with a search of his home being carried out soon after, revealing compelling evidence.

However, just two days later, the man walked free after Tokyo metropolitan police struggled to pinpoint the exact geographical location where the crime was committed, and were unable to prosecute.

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