Ronald McDonald

Photos of Ronald McDonald statue being “arrested” by Chinese police go viral【Video】

What kind of grilling can Ronald expect to receive after being a-salted in broad daylight and taken into McCustody? 

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Ronald McDonald is coming to Yoyogi Park to celebrate spring, because…marketing?

In case you hadn’t heard, McDonald’s hasn’t been doing too well in Japan recently. After the drubbing it took in sales last year, it seems that no one here likes their commercials or even their new products. It’s almost enough to make you feel bad for the multinational fast-food chain! Almost.

So, what do you do when no one wants what you’re selling and they openly mock your commercials? Well, we’re not sure what most companies would do, but it looks like McDonald’s Japan has decided to send their emissary of heart disease to try to cultivate some good will in Yoyogi Park. We’re not sure a clown will be enough to get anyone to eat a Big Mac, but at least you’ll get the opportunity to take a picture with the creepy fellow.

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Tired and ignored by the children of Japan, Ronald McDonald takes a break

Poor Ronald McDonald (known as “Donald” in Japan). He got all dressed up in his floppy red shoes and white makeup, put on his biggest smile, and marched down to a McDonald’s restaurant for a meet and greet, only to find that not a single child showed up to see him. And now, the people of the Internet are laughing at his tired, worn out expression.

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