Happy Meal goodies even adults will want to get their hands on – Uno, Game of Life, Pop-up Pirate and other games get the McDonald’s treatment.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Happy Meal, and to celebrate it McDonald’s Japan are including travel-size versions of five popular games: Twister, Uno, Game of Life, Pop-up Pirate, and Monopoly, as well as Ronald and friends-decorated playing cards.

The first three games (Game of Life, Uno and Twister) will be included in Happy Meal sets in restaurants across Japan from November 17, with the remaining three (Monopoly, Pop-up Pirate and playing cards) available from November 24. McDonald’s Japan have also produced a series of videos explaining how to play each of the games, for kids (and adults) who didn’t have a huge number of rainy Sundays as a child. Here’s their promotional clip for the Uno pack:

While the Game of Life, Pop-up Pirate and Monopoly games are miniature McDonalds-themed version of the originals, perfect for gaming on the go, Twister has been given a twist of its own, swapping full-body contortions for some nifty finger-work. The Game of Life has also been altered, to the McDonald’s Crew Game of Life (hair net not included), which Japanese social media users were particularly intrigued to see.

Even though the Happy Meals are aimed at children, judging by the reaction of adult Japanese internet users, children will have a fight on their hands to get hold of the games before stocks run out.

▼ Stab your sword in the wrong hole and get a violent reaction from Ronald.

▼ How about playing Monopoly in McDonald’s for the full capitalist experience?

Even normal playing cards are getting a McDonald’s makeover with designs featuring Ronald McDonald (bizarrely called Donald McDonald in Japan), the Hamburglar and other characters.

Even as an adult, the Happy Meal toys often appeal, but the small serving size is probably enough to put most people (including certain gluttonous writers) off, but with these board games, it might be time to swallow one’s pride and order one (or three). The campaign starts on November 17 and is planned to run for around three weeks, or until stocks run out.

Source: McDonald’s Japan via Otakumu
Images: McDonald’s Japan