Passersby witness frightening scene as it happens.

Nature has been showing its tremendous power in terrifying style over the last few days in Japan. Following several days of powerful earthquakes on the southern island of Kyushu, wild weather patterns dumped heavy rains on the Tokyo area last weekend until the storm clouds were forcefully blown away by near-typhoon strength winds.

Luckily, no flooding was reported. But after the sun came out in Tokyo’s Tama City on Sunday morning, people passing by a nine-story building under construction near Seiseki Sakuragaoka Station witnessed this frightening scene.

As the gusts became increasingly violent, the building’s façade and scaffolding began to sway, until finally it could take no more and came crashing down to the street far below.

▼ An alternate angle of the destruction unfolding

Thankfully, the police had cordoned off the area in front of the building before it reached the breaking point, as evidenced by the police tape visible in the first video. Still, these photos, taken from inside a car just a few blocks away, show how close the accident site is to a major road.

While this is obviously going to set the construction crew’s time table back by several weeks, the good news is that no one was injured. Still, anytime Mother Nature feels like taking a break from smacking Japan around is A-OK with us.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@wakappa614, Twitter/@mmkstart043