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The animation is set to air later this week ahead of the new game’s release—and you can watch a preview of it right here!

If you’re a Nintendo fan, then April 22 will almost certainly be circled on your calendar as that’s when, after a long hiatus, popular 3D sci-fi shooter series Star Fox finally returns to Nintendo consoles.

Prior to the release of Star Fox Zero for Wii U, creators Nintendo will be hosting a special online event over on its live-streaming website beginning at 3pm Pacific (11pm GMT/1am CEST) on April 20.

The animation, dubbed Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins, was produced in collaboration with none other than Super Mario Bros. (and of course Star Fox) creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, Production I.G and WIT STUDIO, and features all the familiar faces from the space-battle series.

Here’s a quick taster of what we can expect, courtesy of Nintendo’s PR people:

Once the animation has been shown, there will be a special broadcast from the Nintendo Treehouse team about the launch of the game as well as tower-defence title Star Fox Guard, which comes bundled with retail copies of Star Fox Zero, so be sure to stick around.

Source: Nintendo Press Release
Images: YouTube/Nintendo UK