Now you can telecommute from Isabelle’s office, the mountains of Hyrule, or the halls of Garreg Mach Monastery.

Last month, as a show of support to the many people working from home in order to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, several Japanese anime and video game publishers released art collections from their most popular series for use as video conference backgrounds. Among those who participated in the fun act of generosity was Nintendo, and since Super Mario is the company’s biggest star, the Kyoto-based game pioneer tweeted out a four-pack of backgrounds from Super Mario Odyssey.

But Odyssey is merely the latest installment of the mainline Mario series, and the Nintendo icon has a resume that includes tons of spin-offs, some of which have gone on to become beloved series in their own right. So this week, as Japan goes back to work following the Golden Week spring vacation period, Nintendo is diversifying its video chat backgrounds with new options from Super Mario Maker 2, Super Mario Kart 8, and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

▼ The Mario Kart ones seem like an especially apt choice if you’re using Zoom.

But with arguably the widest selection of hit IPs in the entire industry, Nintendo’s appeal goes far beyond the adventures of its mustachioed mascot siblings. The smash-hit of the spring, for example, has been Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the game that’s letting fans virtually travel and spend time together tweeted out a set of backgrounds from its official Twitter account.

Another great way to satisfy your wanderlust while staying at home is to venture far afield in the great outdoors of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule.

Alternatively, if you prefer your fantasy epics to give you a roof over your head, you conduct business from Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Garreg Mach Monastery, or online lessons, if you want to stay faithful to its status as an institute of learning.

Speaking of education, if you’ve got a debate class, you can get those competitive fires burning with arenas or a kanji-character “joins the fight!” background from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

There are backgrounds from Nintendo’s comparatively niche franchises, like Kirby

Xenoblade (including its upcoming Definitive Edition upgrade)…


…and largely forgotten spring-loaded fighter Arms.

Nintendo has even put out backgrounds from the Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins animated short.

So thanks, Nintendo! Really, the only thing we could complain about is that there aren’t any new Pokémon backgrounds, but that’s not a 100-percent Nintendo franchise, and we’ve got a couple hundred Poké-backgrounds to choose from already.

Source: Nintendo via Hachima Kiko, Twitter/@doubutsuno_mori
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