Kit Kat joins forces with regional mascot Kumamon to help people in the affected area.

Nestlé Japan has added a brand new limited-edition Kit Kat to their “Big Little” product range, and this time the chocolates come filled with the flavours of “Kumamoto-cha” or “Kumamoto Tea”. Featuring the cute image of Kumamon, the well-known, red-cheeked, black bear mascot who represents the region, the round, bite-sized “big little” Kit Kat pieces aim to support local residents, who are still in the process of repairing homes and businesses following the devastating effects of a series of earthquakes that struck Kumamoto earlier this year.

▼ Kumamon has been a central figure in local efforts to boost morale in the area, and Kit Kat previously joined forces with the mascot to offer support to its citizens.


▼ The Kit Kat packs used to create the image above featured individual handwritten messages of support.


Now, Nestlé Japan is using its popular chocolate brand to support local residents by using green tea produced and manufactured in the region and making it the star flavour of the new product.


If you spot one of these packs on the store shelf, be sure to pick it up, as 10 yen (US$0.10) from every bag of 140 yen chocolates sold will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society in order to help people in need in the Kumamoto area.

Source, Images: PR Times