Yup, in the land of kawaii, even soy sauce gets a Disney makeover.

Kikkoman, known around the world as makers of soy sauce, has recently come out with a line of products in Disney themed packages.

The items are a part of their “Always Fresh (Itsudemo Shinsen)” line of soy sauce, which comes in a special container with another pouch inside it containing the soy sauce and is fitted with a double-valved cap designed to keep air out so that the sauce stays fresh for a longer time.

The Disney soy sauce line is being offered in small, 200-milliliter (6.76 ounce-) bottles to encourage people who have never used Always Fresh soy sauce to give it a try. The Disney products come in four types, each with a different package design featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pooh.

Shoyu - コピー (2)

The four items are as follows:

● “Always Fresh: Freshly squeezed raw soy sauce” featuring Mickey Mouse

This is freshly squeezed soy sauce that hasn’t been heated, and it has the clear, bright color and rich, sweet flavor as well as the mild aroma characteristic of raw, unheated soy sauce.

● “Always Fresh: Rich-flavored low salt soy sauce” featuring Minnie Mouse

Minnie is clearly think of her health as the product she adorns contains 40% less salt compared with regular concentrated soy sauce. It has a strong, sweet flavor that should be satisfying despite the reduced salt content and can be used like regular soy sauce.

● “Always Fresh: Reduced salt whole soy raw soy sauce” featuring Donald Duck

This is a freshly squeezed soy sauce made from whole soy beans with 25% less salt compared to regular concentrated soy sauce. This too has a satisfying flavor and can be used just like regular soy sauce.

● “Always Fresh: Freshly squeezed light-type raw soy sauce” featuring Winnie the Pooh

This is a light-type (usukuchi) soy sauce fermented and aged at low temperatures, with a light color and mild flavor that makes it suited for use in delicate and lightly flavored soups and stewed dishes. It is made with whole soy beans and has 20% less salt content compared to regular light-type soy sauce.

All four items are priced at 208 yen (US$1.89) and come in the special “Always Fresh” package that keeps the soy sauce fresh for 90 days after opening without refrigeration.

If you want your soy sauce to add not only add flavor but an element of cute to your dining table, then this might be the right product for you!

Source: Kikkoman news release via Entabe
Top image:  Kikkoman news release
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