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Wait, is this chocolate-flavored soy sauce, or soy-sauce flavored chocolate sauce?

That’s right, a very unique sauce is now available through Amazon Japan. Design and planning company YK STORES and century-old soy sauce maker Goto Shoyu have collaborated to come out with the “Soy Sauce Chocolat for Shaved Ice“.

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The chocolate soy sauce is described as whole soy sauce made in Fukuoka Prefecture, located on the southern island of Kyushu, combined with Van Houten cocoa powder and brown sugar from Kagoshima Prefecture, also in Kyushu. It has the rich flavor of soy sauce and isn’t too sweet, so it’s suitable for adults while being a relatively healthy snack sauce for children as well.

▼ It may not look like a sauce for shaved ice, but the label clearly says it’s a soy sauce specifically made for that purpose.

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According to the product description, Goto Shoyu put the full force of their considerable soy sauce making expertise into the product and focused on creating a sauce that, while still a soy sauce, also has the flavor of chocolate and, most of all, genuinely makes shaved ice taste good.

And while the product was made for shaved ice, they’re saying that it should also go well with ice cream, especially when served on creamy soft serve ice cream like a sundae.

Chocolate soy sauce sundae — yes, that does look tasty!

Shoyu 2

The Soy Sauce Chocolat for Shaved Ice is currently available through Amazon Japan at a price of 680 yen (US$6.40) for a 150 ml (5 oz) bottle. Also, while it hasn’t been announced yet, it seems like they will be selling it through other sites or stores in the future, as they’re calling it a pre-sale for now. So, we’re still not completely sure whether this is a chocolate sauce or soy sauce, but whatever it is, it looks certain to add some delightful sweetness to your cold snacks!

Source and images: @Press press release