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One university professor in Tokyo is redefining what it means to teach with style.

Imagine walking into class on the first day of the semester and seeing your professor dressed like this:

…or this:

…or even this!

It’s time to meet Kazunori Uhyo Sugiura, also known by his alias Pietoro Woo Hiyo Hiyo, an Associate Professor at prestigious Keio University’s Graduate School of Media Design in Tokyo. In his own words:

“I have been teaching Computer/Internet Science, and Otaku Culture
in unique style: cosplay and kigurumi ヽ(>ヮ<)ノ.

Enamel, PVC, and satin costumes are my favorite.
Some of the costumes are made it by myself.
I don’t usually wear wigs or do make-ups during my lecture.”

Sugiura, who also goes by just “Uhyo,” often gives lectures related to otaku culture and seems to make no discrimination between dressing up as male or female characters. He even has his own page on Cure: World Cosplay with over 21,800 likes, providing detailed information about the date and title of each lecture for all of his costumes. A similar archive with character names and photos reaching back to 1996 can also be found on Keio University’s Creato! Graduate School of Media Design page.

As even more evidence of what a long-term otaku Sugihara is, his cosplay choices span several decades worth of popular anime, including Cyborg 009

Martian Successor Nadesico

…and, of course, Attack on Titan.

We’d be hard-pressed to find a professor more dedicated to his craft than Sugiura. Let’s look forward to whatever future costumes he comes up with!

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Top image: Facebook/Pietoro Woo Hiyo Hiyo